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Both PVC and anodized aluminum profiles for light boxes of various depths. Connecting corners are provided for both types, either right-angled-shaped or curved-shaped, which allows to avoid 45 cuttings, always a source of imperfections that make the box incline to leakage.

Unipolar cables for high voltage in super-soft flame retardant PVC (certified according to CEI 22-20) or in self-extinguishing silicone. Cables are also available in the same materials with shielding for facilities that meet the most demanding regulations against radio interference.

A wide range of accessories includes T or U tube holders, cable fastening, silicon caps for electrodes, milliammeter, hand torch, bench burner, mercury. Neon, Argon or mixture in metal flasks, cleaning solution to remove lead spots on tubes, white, black or grey paint for electrodes, colour checker (UV lamps), vacuum tester, tube testers,etc

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