Colours technical specification

You can download; the file (9 MB - PDF) that include all the data of Glostertube's colours, or files of all the whites (5 MB) or file of colours (3 MB) or file of coloured glass (2 MB)

or see/download the file (PDF format) of the single colour, clicking on it   

101 Standard White 6500K

102 Standard White 4500K

103 Standard White 3500K 104 Warmtone White 2800K
110 Special 010 White 6800K 111 Standard White 7500K 112 Standard White 9000K 115 Champagne
131 Special White 7500K 160 White 165 Universal White 180 White
Triphosphor Whites 124 White 2400K Triband 121 White 2800K Triband 125 White 3000K Triband
135 White 3500K Triband 140 White Triband 142 White 4000K Triband 155 White 5500K Triband
166 White 6500K Triband 118 White 8000K Triband 183 White 8400K Triband 128 Warmtone Special Triband
202 Standard Blue 203 Superblue 206 Violet 208 Turquoise
209 Ultrablue 211 Sky Blue 301 Standard Green 302 Apple Green
310 Brilliant Green 311 Lime Green 401 Standard Pink 402 Purple - Coral Rose
403 Cyclamen Magenta 404N New Orchid 405 Salmon Rose 406 Orange
409 Apricot 410 Super Red 505 Incandescent 507 Super Yellow
204 Colourtube Cobalt Blue 205 Colourtube Aquamarine 207 Colourtube Purple 303 Colourtube Light Green
304 Colourtube Emerald Green 305 Colourtube Special Emerald Green 306 Colourtube Yellow Green 407 Colourtube Orange
408 Colourtube Ruby Red 502 Colourtube Gold Yellow 503 Colourtube Lemon Yellow 504 Colourtube Novial Gold Yellow
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